Coruba Rum 700ml

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Jamaica is one of the most important rum-making islands of the West Indies and the first to produce it commercially. The capital is Kingston in the south of the island, and it is here, along a 40-mile narrow strip, that are to be found the best sugar estates which have been in production ever since the early eighteenth century. Local to Kingston is the Coruba distillery. In the past, Coruba, as with most Jamaican Rum, was one of the most full-bodied and highly flavoured of all rums (achieved by distilling at a comparatively low strength to allow a large amount of esters to come over in the distillation.) Now, however, as more and more is used in cocktails and mixing, a lighter, paler and less erotic article is preferred. While Coruba is not a weak spirit, it is also not a traditional dark, full flavoured rum. Oaky, well rounded and mellow with a clean and dry spirit finish, Coruba offers a warm sensation of the tropics. It is aged for a minimum of three years.

ABV: 37.2%

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