Taxi Pilsner 375ml x 16

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Inspired by Andrew’s first car, Taxi was one of the original set of beers we offered at the brewery when it first opened. Back in 2007, many of our locals had never strayed outside the fold of beers offered by the large domestic brewers. We knew that we needed a stepping stone beer to get them off ‘draught’ and into ‘craft’.

Loosely labelled pilsner, Taxi more closely represents the Munich Helles (Blonde) lager style. Moderate to low bitterness, clean cold temperature fermentation and the retatrines use of fine German hops has resulted in an extremely approachable and sessionable lager beer. For new comers to the brewery, we also recommend they start (and finish) on Taxi.

Despite it’s light hearted name, Taxi is a well respected main pour at many Melbourne venues. It trumped the world’s oldest operating brewery Weinestephan to win the major trophy for Best European Style Lager at the 2013 Australian International Beer Awards.


ABV 4.7%
AROMA Light, malty, grassy
COLOUR Pale gold
FLAVOUR Light maltiness, clean

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